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A Relational Psychotherapy

My work is strongly influenced by attachment theory, with its emphasis on stability and security. It accentuates the importance of our early attachment patterns and their impact on our relationships in adulthood.

My attachment-based therapeutic approach is based on the idea that the quality of our early relationships sets the stage for who become as adults. Nurture and security promote autonomy and intimacy, trust and resilience and allow us to navigate through life challenges to the best of our capacities.

Conversely, a lack of secure attachment and experience of loss can lead to difficulties in negotiating stressful life circumstances, regulating our emotions and forming sustained and stable relationships. It can also create distressing and unwanted repetitive patterns in our life.

Attachment-based research has shown that positive attachment experiences are related to feelings of safety and contentment throughout life. In contrast, hurtful or traumatic experiences, whether they are isolated or chronic, can have a negative impact on our thoughts, emotions and our body.

Psychotherapy provides the opportunity to experience a relationship of secure attachment as well as enhancing psychological and physical wellbeing and the capacity to form and maintain fulfilling relationships.

The way I practise attachment-based psychotherapy has a key psychoanalytic component, that is exploring unconscious thoughts and motivations. A relational psychoanalytic approach is central to gaining insight on our repeated patterns of behaviour, which sometimes do not serve our personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

Psychoanalytic thinking enhances our ability to freely self-reflect, making the unconscious conscious.

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